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Music Literacy Lessons



Music literacy is the ability to read and write musical notation. For singers, this includes the ability to sing and express music on sight, without the aid of an instrument. This aspect of music literacy is often called "sight singing," and it is a challenging but entirely learnable skill. 


While music literacy is not necessarily a requirement for making good music, it is an important and empowering tool to have as a singer and offers a competitive advantage in the theatre industry. It allows for deeper understanding of  written  scores, greater variety in artistic choices, and smoother communication with musical collaborators. Not to mention, it makes you easier to work with and easier to rehire.


I work hard to provide a fun, supportive, low-stakes environment for developing music literacy skills. All of my lessons take place in 1-on-1 weekly Zoom sessions with sessions lasting either 25 minutes or 55 minutes. Access is important to me, so please reach out even if finances are a barrier.


You tell me! Just fill out the contact form with your availability and any questions you may have, and we'll see when we can schedule your first session! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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